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Feb 21, 2013 3:00am PST
worldwide an action that has shift us about violence against woman and girls. girls, i demand that tonight and every night that there is a community of mothers and fathers and grand mothers and grandfathers neighbors and friends brothers and stand together with woman and girls in san francisco and i stand tonight in the name of claire joyce sin fan coa 28 -years-old filipino woman murdered in front of her young children and i also stand topped in the memory of julie frays cowho was board of trusteesly beat to death on her birthday because she want today leave her a beautiful marriage. i stand tonight in memory of marriesa corpus who was savagely stabbed to death by her husband after he completed his goo week battle intersection program and i stand for nicole who survived rape by u.s. you guys military. and so i ask you to stand with me to say no to domestic violence so rape and sexual crime to say no to human trafficking and to stand tonight for every victim and survivor here in san francisco. but most importantly, let us dance tonight for those who feel need to find courage to leave the a
Feb 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
lee and his office. and the port of san francisco. and everybody who has conspired with us to make this happen. it's a great day for san francisco. i think often about the fact that one of the things that makes san francisco unique is that we can have a wonderful manufacturing company here making real products. tied to being the center of innovation. and they do it in a way that is very innovative. and here we are in a neighborhood that is a bustling neighborhood of technology and biotech with ucsf up the street. it's a pleasure to be a san franciscans in this day and age. in terms of our project, we are very excited about the fact that anchor represents the first major tenant and the kick-start to our mission rock project. to us it's the perfect partnership. we have been around a while, 1958. but that pales in comparison to anchor. 1896. as keith mentioned they are long-time partners with the giants back to candlestick park days. and anchor plaza was launched in 2010. and we won that year. and so we are going with a team that helps us win baseball games as well. this project is in
Feb 25, 2013 8:30am PST
. we are still a small company. and knew that such an undertaking could be overwhelming for us. fortunately the support that we found from others was overwhelming too. everyone took on a can-do attitude. and i would like to extend my enormous gratitude to the ports and to the mayor's office for their help in getting us here today. and also to our friends the giants that value san francisco icons. these reflect the heart and soul of the city towards anchor. and for that i would like to thank all the people of san francisco for the huge support of their city's brewery. pier 48 will ensure our capacity and secure anchor's future. beyond the brewery we want san francisco to be a must-see traction to locals and visitors ali alike. adding to that we will have restaurants and museums. we are less well known for our pioneered history for brewing. and our capacity with pier 48 allows both brewing and distilling. we envision in the rock mission development that will take advantage of the water commerce with materials coming in and exports going out. where people can wander around peering
Feb 21, 2013 3:30pm PST
for us. we also have hal smith who is on the board [speaker not understood], and our current foreperson, mark [speaker not understood]. would you like to say anything about your jury service? >> well, i'm very grateful, one, to be selected. two, to have an incredible group of jurors to work with, representative of all aspects of san francisco communities and educational background. and it's been incredible to view what the city has to offer in a really intimate way. and we look forward to carrying on a rich tradition of following up with past reports, doing past juries proud, and we look forward to putting out some good reports. >> thank you. we also have, and i'm not going to call you out because i don't want anybody to [speaker not understood] we have several current jurors here and a number of former jurors here also. as kate said, the california jurors is comprised of [speaker not understood]. at the chapter here, we very much [speaker not understood] with the courts in recruiting and publicizing what the grand jury is all about. most people you talk to don't know what the civil gra
Feb 11, 2013 7:30pm PST
'm not a media artist per se but i have used the medium because it seemed to be the one that could allow me to convey the sounds and images here. memorials to me are different from artworks. they are artistic, but memorials have a function. >> it is a beautiful scupltural objective made with bronze and lined with red wood from water tanks in clear lake. that is the scupltural form that gives expression to maya's project. if you think about a cone or a bull horn, they are used to get the attention of the crowd, often to communicate an important message. this project has a very important message and it is about our earth and what we are losing and what we are missing and what we don't even know is gone. >> so, what is missing is starting with an idea of loss, but in a funny way the shape of this cone is, whether you want to call it like the r.c.a. victor dog, it is listen to the earth and what if we could create a portal that could look at the past, the present and the future? >> you can change what is then missing by changing the software, by changing what is projected and missing. so, missi
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
error. >> sometimes word gets away from us. >> public comment? >> david papal i'm now inquiring if this now exposes all of the shun shine ordinance or recuse for a commission >> there is one out there and there is an additional referral pending. >> sorry if i had anything to do with it. okay. >> otherwise good report and i hope to see additional content in these reports in the future. i will end it there. thank you. >> item for meeting? >> public comments on matters appearing -- public comment? >> it can go in either place. >> i suggest that we have some opportunity to talk at a future meeting about how this went tonight and lessons learned consistent with the list and maybe some procedural stuff. i probably did all kinds of things i shouldn't have done. but, we you feel -- for better or worse we are doing this from time to time and we should figure out how to do it as best we can. >> i'm in all favor of figuring out how we can do this better. >> also i noted in the report that the electronic filing legislation passed and we'll implement that. i don't want to slow it down but if
Feb 12, 2013 8:30pm PST
not on issues in front of us. >> i'm sorry. and now that i want to commit on a family as they mourn the passing of they've over turning of a guilty verdict in their case >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is paul let brown. i'm here again, it's coming up open another year my son was murdered. 30s rounds of built left that gun and went into my son. i'm here and whatever i can be to bring awareness to members of homicide. my son is still gone. a lot of parents - i stand for a lot of parents who can't even do this. i will continue to do this. i'm in school now trying to get my alcoholic and other degrees. we're talking about trying to beware guns. our children are still dying, lying on the street and their blood going down the gutter. i'm tired of hearing about people's children getting murdered everyday. i relive this everyday and i walk out the door everyday looking at where my son laid. as i think about it i have to keep my son and other people's children in the public's eye. how long are we going to have to do this? this is my therapy and my strength. >> thank you any other membe
Feb 13, 2013 8:00pm PST
been in this chamber in the last year, when four times the same excuse was used to rearrange the ago ahead agenda, we have attorneys in here, they are expensive, it is not like it is a big surprise. >> if that is what your priority is, put them third rather than putting them somewhere else and rearranging at the last minute. in addition seven other times i have observed on sfgtv in the last year, whether that was done, that is 11 times, in one year. now, you have about 3 meetings a month in this chamber, others are held at different locations. that is about 36 meetings a year, which is pretty high percentage. all that i am saying is, when the public comes they should have an expectation that they can rely on your agenda, if you feel that the expense for the court reporters and the attorneys or whatever is so critical, why not just put it third on the agenda and take general public comment and let the public know we are going into closed session. rather than doing what you seem to do which is wait until the public shows up based on the agenda that was put out under the law and then si
Feb 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
. it's a hotel that is a shelter and i think for us to see -- i think with the physical assets, all of the new buildings they are doing the mercy building. we should put the people with the disabilities in first and leave space it's we need to get smart and where people go and how people live in san francisco and we are a beacon in the light for the world in so many instances but we don't want to have the two tales of the city and people with disabilities in country and city and this is a great country as well as city and i am an advocate for myself and helps me live and you may not know i ran for mayor and i got a few votes. i think we spend too much money on politicians when we can make it easier. it's the elected officials that we have to all come out and san francisco is the city where people come and address things and get the world to look at, and my other thing is hopefully we will get a statute -- transgendered statute at treasure island and since we have the statue of liberty in new york and have a statue at treasure island and of peace and we fought off aids and marriage
Feb 20, 2013 6:30pm PST
? it has to be after several years of -- >> of positive revenue news. and then when we do use it, it's only a portion of the deficit. the revenue deficit. we had suggested that the controller provide a more broad summary of all of the reserves and the set asides when the committee goes to five members. [speaker not understood] the kind of rules and policies regarding all of these reserves. since the financial policies were in effect a couple of years ago, we really have made a tremendous amount of progress in establishing reserves that have been looked upon very favorably by the rating agencies and though more importantly we will have money available in the next downturn that will keep us on a more steady footing in terms of how much money and it will prevent big cuts and layoffs. so, i'm available to answer any additional questions and we will definitely be with you on a weekly basis and provide you with updates as they occur. >> thank you. colleagues, any further questions? thank you very much, ms. zamuda. and ms. howard, i know you spoke earlier. we asked you about the kind of impact on
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)